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Example business plans

All these plans and logos were all created by Trillion Dollar Unicorn based on a short business description. You can try it by entering any wild entrepreneurial dream!


Selling cans of beer out my backpack at the Glastonbury festival stone circle

Our backpack beer service at the Glastonbury festival offers ice-cold, locally-sourced craft beers that are delivered straight to festival-goers at the iconic Stone Circle. We pride ourselves in providing a unique and convenient experience for our customers, differentiating ourselves from the competition by offering a tailored selection of premium, independent brews. View full plan...


A fitness coaching app using XR to create an immersive training environment

Introducing our innovative fitness coaching app, leveraging Extended Reality (XR) technology to transform workout sessions into exhilarating, immersive experiences. Unlike other fitness apps, our platform combines real-time feedback, personalized training plans, and a vibrant virtual environment to engage users like never before, making every session enjoyable and effective, ultimately driving lasting results. View full plan...


Design, manufacture and launch advanced rockets and spacecraft

Our company aims at designing, manufacturing and launching rockets and spacecraft to make inhabiting other planets a reality. We focus on advanced technology to differentiate us from the competition and achieve our ultimate goal of making living on other planets possible. View full plan...


Online counselling for seniors

Our online counselling platform for seniors delivers personalized therapy sessions through our vetted network of geriatric counselors, who understand the unique challenges faced by this population. Unlike traditional teletherapy providers, our platform includes easy-to-use video conferencing tools specifically designed for seniors, plus remote monitoring and comprehensive tracking of outcomes for both providers and patients. View full plan...


An app that helps lawyers efficiently check that marketing copy adheres to company standards

Introducing "CopyCheck," the game-changing app that revolutionizes how lawyers review marketing copy for compliance. With its AI-powered technology and customizable rule sets, CopyCheck ensures unparalleled accuracy and efficiency, setting itself apart by streamlining the process and minimizing the risk of non-compliant content, ultimately saving valuable time and resources for legal teams. View full plan...


A conspiracy forum with online ads and membership fees

Our conspiracy forum offers a unique blend of privacy and community with its advanced encryption technology and personalized user experience. Plus, our revenue model combines online ads and membership fees to ensure sustained growth and profitability. View full plan...


An adventure game in the style of Maniac Mansion

We're creating an adventure game in the style of Maniac Mansion, but with procedurally generated rooms, characters and puzzles for endless replayability. Our innovative AI system will allow players to have unique experiences every time they play, making our game stand out from the competition. View full plan...

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